Who is Gideon Carlisle?

Gideon Carlisle

Gideon Carlisle is one of America’s least known contemporary writers of poetry and prose. Gideon’s first book Valencia: Fresh Squeezed & Uncut was described by the author as a Novel Inverse, a term he unsuccessfully coined to describe the book. Since it was first published Valencia has been as controversial as it has been celebrated. Fans of Valencia believe that Carlisle’s prose bridges the gap between perceivably inaccessible poetry and pop culture. According to the author himself “The problem with poetry is that we all believe it secretly means something, and it does.” 

Remaining true to his cryptic persona ,Gideon Carlisle’s biography is difficult to decipher. Many of the facts he has presented in the past have contradicted previous accounts including his place of birth, birth date, age, and number of family members. For instance Gideon has been documented as being a single father, a father of 6, married with one child, and married with no children. Each time Gideon describes an event the entire story is likely to change to suit his needs at that particular moment. What is believed to be true is that Gideon Carlisle was either born or is living somewhere in the Adirondack Mountains of Northern New York, possibly with a wife and two kids, possibly running a petting zoo?

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